Let’s be honest upfront about this: You don’t need any reason to be distracted from the baseball that’s currently being played in the postseason.

October has been wonderful for baseball fans, especially if you love great pitching.

With the New York Yankees and Texas Rangers set to meet in the ALCS, and the Philadelphia Phillies and San Francisco Giants set to meet in the NLCS, we don’t need to give you any reasons to take your eyes off the field.

So, in that sense, this is not meant to take away from the games that still remain in the 2010 season.

This is for days like today: a weekday with no games.

And this is also for the fans whose favorite teams happen to be vacationing. For instance, if you’re a fan of the Washington Nationals, it’s never too early to think about next season. (Kidding, D.C.)

The World Series will come and go, and then the hot stove will once again be smoldering as seam-heads wait out the winter months in solitude.

To kick off the hot stove talk a little early, we are taking a look at 10 power hitters available this winter.

Now, this list doesn’t consist solely of potential trades. Frankly, legit power hitters aren’t packing rental trucks and caravanning across America to new homes on a daily basis.

Power is hard to find, so when a club lands a guy that has it, it’s not going to dish him away easily.

To make this list a little livelier we have assembled a mixture of free agents and guys currently under contract.

The marriage works quite well, actually, because the free-agent class this winter is, shall we say, less than marvelous.

As with any list or ranking, this isn’t a prediction of what will happen nor is it suggesting these are the only names that could be on the move. This list is simply for your enjoyment and discussion.

If you think another name needs to be mentioned beyond these 10, feel free to drop it in the comments section and everyone can discuss.

OK, now to the list.

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