After a short hiatus, we’re back playing general manager, formulating deals based on the latest chatter from the rumor mill.

Much of this week’s wheeling and dealing is based on a forward-looking piece by Patrick Saunders of The Denver Post. Based on what those with the Colorado Rockies have said, Saunders opines that Carlos Gonzalez, Justin Morneau and Troy Tulowitzki could all be playing elsewhere by the time August comes around.

But the Rockies aren’t our only focus this week, as a pair of National League teams reportedly continue to talk about a deal involving one of the game’s most polarizing figures.

Keep in mind that these deals are independent of each other and pure speculation—in many cases, there’s no indication that any of them have actually been discussed between the teams involved. The goal is to keep these trades balanced, with each team ultimately better for having made the swap.

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