With July 31 rapidly approaching, teams throughout Major League Baseball are scrambling to bolster their squads for the remaining two months of the regular season, hoping to propel themselves into October baseball.

Whether your team is in the market for a middle of the order bat, a veteran utility man to cover for potential injuries or rest a few regulars down the stretch, an ace starting pitcher, or a dependable reliever to add depth to your bullpen, there is likely a player available to suit your needs.

Teams have long since determined whether hope remains for their 2010 aspirations or if the club is best served by turning their collective eye toward the future. Do we hold on to the few recognizable names we have to help fill seats over the remainder of 2010 or is it best to jettison those in favor of youth and potential building blocks for the future foundation of the franchise?

It’s clearly never an easy decision to make, but the time is now to either act decisively or stand pat and take your chances with the squad you’ve constructed up to this point. Of course, there is always additional maneuvering prior to the August 31 waiver deadline, but that’s an entirely different story altogether.

A clever deal for the right player can alter the destiny of your team but can also prove fruitless and make the baseball world question your sanity. Occasionally, you end up with a scintillating Randy Johnson at the deadline, as the Houston Astros did in 1998, and other times, you may get a woefully over-matched Denny Neagle like the Yankees did during the summer of 2000.

With several high-profile deals already completed, the majority of the deadline dealing may be finished. There are still plenty of rumors floating around several teams and occasionally one team’s move forces the other contenders to attempt to counteract their rivals’ maneuvers. No one wants to remain stagnant while their potential playoff foes are fortifying their squads.

In light of all the recent activity around the league, let’s take a closer look at several of the most significant mid-season trades of the last decade.

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