If you’re like me, the run-up to the non-waiver trading deadline is one of the highlights of the MLB season.

It’s not just the flurry of news and rumors that makes late July fun; it’s the game of matchmaker the media and fans play as we imagine who could go where and why.

Of course, when the dust lifted, the vast majority of rumored deals ended up to be mere false alarms. It’s only logical—the same player can’t be traded to a half-dozen different teams.

But we don’t have to stop playing “what if?” just because we know it’s not going to happen.

In this slideshow are 10 would-be game-changing trades that were rumored to be in the works over the last few weeks but didn’t ultimately come to fruition.

The GMs have already said “no deal,” but we can still look inside the briefcases.

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