We’re chugging toward the midpoint of May, and with another week of baseball action in the books, it’s time for the latest installment of Bleacher Report’s MLB Team of the Week.

In case you’re just joining us: These are the guys (eight position players plus a designated hitter and starting pitcher) who’ve busted box scores over the past seven days. Forget their overall stats; they’re being judged solely on what they accomplished between May 8 and May 14.

(Seriously, we’re strict about those dates, so before you complain in the comments, make sure you aren’t remembering, say, a monster game that happened on May 7. Then feel free to complain.)

To qualify, a player needs at least two starts at the position in question or one start in the case of pitchers.

Finally, extra credit is awarded if gaudy stats led to a bump in the standings—because while individual performance is cool, it’s even cooler when you’re winning.

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