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After Murphy’s Law wrecked their 2012 season, everything went the Boston Red Sox’s way in 2013. They won 97 games, the AL East title, the American League pennant and, of course, the World Series.

But now comes 2014. No team has repeated as World Series champs since the New York Yankees won three in a row from 1998 to 2000. For the Red Sox to pull off a repeat, they’ll need things to go right once again.

That’s what MLB Lead Writer Zachary D. Rymer is here to talk about. Since the Red Sox don’t have any outstanding roster needs heading into spring training, their list of needs for 2014 comes down to other things. Namely: the injury bug leaving them alone, Jacoby Ellsbury’s production at the top of the lineup being adequately replaced and the young players the Red Sox are counting on coming through.

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