As all the teams approach the middle of August, there are still teams looking for that final push for the playoffs. The Dodgers are one of these teams; they were buyers at the trade deadline with the acquisition of Ted Lilly and they are five-and-a-half games out of first place.

ESPN’s Enrique Rojas has reported that the Los Angeles Dodgers could be in the hunt for Jose Guillen. Apparently, his role will not be a starter’s role, but he will be splitting time here and there for the Dodgers.

Jose Guillen is available as the Kansas City Royals designated him for assignment last week. There are several teams that have expressed their interest in the power hitter. Guillen could be a valuable asset to a team looking for one more bat with some pop to their lineup. 

He has been playing the designated hitter’s role with the Royals. Injuries may be a key reason why he has been slotted in that role. He plays the outfield very well with a string arm. There has been very little criticism about the manner in which he patrols the outfield.

Some teams have backed off Jose Guillen because of some red flags thrown in the air about his clubhouse persona. The Yankees were some of the big players in the Guillen sweepstakes at first before acquiring Austin Kearns. The reason could, in fact, be Guillen’s personality. 

Jon Heyman warned that contenders should keep their distance from Guillen, but it looks like the Dodgers are willing to take the risk. After all, they do have Joe Torre at the helm and he has been able to keep Manny Ramirez on the down-low recently. 

It is the Dodgers’ call in the end. They could take a risk on a person that is claimed to be worse than Milton Bradley and hope he provides good numbers or wait and see where the Adam Dunn sweepstakes go. 

The cards are on the table for Los Angeles.

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