Roy Oswalt reportedly requested to the owner of the Houston Astros, Drayton McLane Junior, to be traded this season, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Oswalt, 32, is currently and has been the ace of the struggling Astros this season.

You can see why he wants to get out of Houston: a 14-27 record.

The closest the Astros ever were to winning a World Series Championship was back in 2005, when the young right handed pitcher named Roy Oswalt won 20 games in back to back seasons with a 2.94 ERA.

After that dominating year, things went rolling for Oswalt, who racked up 15, 14, and 17 win seasons. Last year in 2009, Oswalt was injured. 

But if you look at Oswalt’s ERA, it’s been pretty impressive and consistent: 2.73, 3.01, 2.97, 3.49, 2.94, 2.98, 3.18, 3.54 (2001-2008).

This year, Oswalt has an ERA of 2.66 (as of May 21, 2010), but because of the weak overall team, has 6 losses to his stats.

Many baseball experts, analysts, magazines, and I myself predicted Houston to trade away its aging stars. The main factor of this was because the Astros were competing in a tough division and had a little shot at winning it, with the St. Louis Cardinals having a strong team all around.

We can say to them now, “you were right.”

As of right now, there are plenty of playoff contenders that need a strong arm throughout the season, so there are many possible destinations.

The question now is: where will Oswalt go if he is leaving Houston?

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