The 2015 Major League Baseball rookie class was one of the best in recent memory. Good for them, but tough luck for the 2016 rookie class. Not an easy act to follow that.

And for some rookies in particular, the pressure to follow that act begins right away.

Spring training is here, folks, and that means a chance to see all our favorite players, well, mostly going through the motions. But it’s also a chance to get an up-close look at the sport’s most talented youngsters, and there are always a few who deserve more attention than others.

That’s our cue to use the ol’ “this year is no different” line, as well as our cue to introduce our list of rookies under the most pressure to perform. It includes eight players that were chosen because they have something to gain—a stipulation that barred Julio Urias, Aaron Judge, J.P. Crawford and Tyler Glasnow and others from this list—or immense hype to live up to with their performances this spring. Some have both.

We shall proceed in a sensible order, starting with the player facing the least pressure and counting down to the player facing the most pressure. Step into the box when you’re ready.

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