Now that teams have reported to spring training and taken part in full workouts, the games can begin, which means we get a chance to see what the best minor leaguers in baseball will do against proven stars. 

Sometimes prospects will parlay a strong spring into a surprise MLB job right out of camp, like Jackie Bradley did with Boston or Aaron Hicks did with Minnesota last year. It’s often dangerous to put stock in spring numbers because of sample-size issues and shifts in competition. 

However, for the top 50 prospects in baseball this year, it seems that there is already a strong consensus over where they are going to end up. Sometimes their paths will change, most likely due to injuries, but often they’re set in stone. 

Even if we know where a prospect will end up, that doesn’t make their performance against MLB-quality pitching any less fascinating to watch. It provides us with a snapshot at where they are in the development cycle. 

In an effort to minimize what you have to search for, we will provide daily updates on what each of the top 50 prospects have done in games. The rankings reflect Bleacher Report Lead Prospect writer Mike Rosenbaum’s most recent Top 100 list


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