Pitching can dominate MLB, and it is arguably the most important aspect of the game. This list will predict how each pitching staff will look one decade from now.

The way to figure out how a pitching staff will look in 10 years requires a few steps.

First, we must look at the young pitchers on the staff now. Knowing that starters will stop pitching well enough to be on the staff around age 35, we should only include pitchers who are 25 or younger.

Second, we must look at the farm systems. Young, talented pitching prospects will come up to the Majors over time, and they must be evaluated based on potential.

Third, we need to evaluate GMs. Certain GMs are known for making blockbuster trades, and those trades will bolster the pitching staffs of these teams.

So, bearing these factors in mind, we will now go through each team and predict what their pitching staff will look like.

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