The sun is setting on the 2011 Baseball season with the final days of summer fast approaching.  As such, the summer blockbuster season is also ending.

So what better way to kiss them goodbye than with a Power Ranking that combines them both?

My readers may recall that I did a similar ranking after the All-Star break. Well now it’s been a month since the trade deadline and the playoff races are becoming more desperate so it’s time for an update.

I’ll be using the same formula as last time, splitting and comparing the teams based on their summer movie counterpart. I’ll be using Rotten Tomatoes’ Top Critics score, the box office gross, as well as my personal opinions when comparing the movies.

For the teams themselves, I’ll be taking into consideration how well they’ve done since my last Power Rankings, how they’re doing for the season overall, where I expect them to finish at the season’s end.

Thus, playoff teams may have an edge over other teams based on the likely hood of making the playoffs.

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