The 2016 MLB season kicked off with a tripleheader of games on Sunday, and ahead of Monday’s full slate of action it’s time to officially unveil our Opening Day power rankings.

All offseason we’ve shuffled teams around based on free-agent signings, trades, injuries, position battles and in many case a simple shift in opinion as the months went on and we moved closer to the start of the regular season.

From here on out, we’ll have actual on-field results to base these rankings on, but for now they’re still largely subjective and based on how the teams stack up on paper.

These rankings are a fluid process throughout the course of the season. Win, and you climb. Continue to win, and you’ll continue to climb. It’s as simple as that, yet it never fails to spark some of the best debate in the MLB community.

So who is baseball’s No. 1 team on Opening Day? Where does your favorite team fall in our first regular-season power rankings?

Let’s get things rolling.

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