One quarter of the 2016 MLB season is in the books, but there’s still a ton of baseball ahead.

The Chicago Cubs stumbled a bit with a series loss to the San Diego Padres, but they’re still comfortably looking down on the other 29 teams from the No. 1 spot in these rankings.

Things continue to shuffle within the top 10, though.

The Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles both climbed with strong showings, and the Philadelphia Phillies are officially inside the top 10 for the first time this year.

What a world.

The NL East as a whole is as close as it gets right now with four teams currently over .500. There will no doubt be plenty of shuffling among that group in particular as they square off in-division.

We’re still dealing with a relatively small sample size at this point, so one particularly good or bad week of play can often result in a significant climb or drop in the rankings with so many teams clustered together with similar records.

One thing remains true: These rankings are a fluid process, with teams rising and falling based on where they were ranked the previous week. If a team keeps winning, it will keep climbing—it’s as simple as that.

Here’s a look at where all 30 MLB teams stand.

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