People nowadays only worry about offense in sports.  It seems that way at least.  Long forgotten are the days of close, low-scoring games.  Or, could they actually be making a comeback?  

Though many MLB ballparks today are dominated by high-scoring games with offense in mind, there are some pitcher-friendly parks.  Places like Atlanta’s Turner Field and San Diego’s Petco Park are pitchers’ paradises.

As we saw in 2010 though, maybe the pitcher is making a comeback.  To put it bluntly, 2010 was “The Year of The Pitcher.”  There were a handful of no-hitters and even two perfect games.  Philadelphia’s Roy Halladay had a banner season with both a no-hitter and perfect game.

With the Steroid Era behind us, baseball looks to be becoming more strategic and defensive-minded again.  Teams build with this in mind.  Why else would the Phillies go after Cliff Lee to give themselves four of the very best pitchers in baseball?  Mind you that they play in a hitter’s paradise to boot.

Here are some parks that are a pitcher’s best friend.  

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