There is an unmistakable link between the warrior tales of classical history and those of popular sports.  Both contain a rich mythological tapestry where lifelong loyalties are forged and heroes are made of men. 

Among these heroes are the craftsmen, for the annals of Baseball lore are rife with the names of the masters of their particular arts.

Home runs are the domain of the Herculean—demigods like Aaron, Ruth, Mantle, McGwire and Bonds.

Stolen bases were left to those who worshiped at the alter of Artemis like the fleet-footed Cobb, Hamilton, Brock and Henderson.

However, there are those who chose a different path—one that differed from the raw physicality of their brothers at arms.

The wizards of the curveball arts.

Past diamond warlocks like Feller, Pascual, Nolan, Gooden, Ryan, Blyleven and Koufax are true grand masters. 

However, there is a new breed….

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