Tim Wakefield is the current fifth starter for the Boston Red Sox and would not be a starter if the MLB Playoffs started today. Wakefield is going for his 200th win yet again tonight, but getting this win does not mean he will gain a spot on the 2011 MLB Playoffs roster—or does it?

There are only 25 players on the active roster at a time until September when there are 40 allowed on a roster. In the MLB Playoffs, there are 25 players only per round and if someone gets hurt, then you can replace them with a player that was called up on or before August 31. This means you can replace a starter or bullpen relievers for each round if someone is pitching and/or batting terribly. Therefore, if the Boston Red Sox need a long reliever, then Tim Wakefield is their guy in the 2011 MLB Playoffs

Tim Wakefield can also be a great middle reliever and late-inning guy, but since he is a starter and a veteran I believe he should not have to earn a spot on the Playoff roster. He is one of those pitchers who can help a club whether going a third of an inning or going a complete game. The Boston Red Sox really need to believe the 45-year-old will help them win in the postseason.

Wakefield goes for win number 200 again Saturday night against the Kansas City Royals. He has tried four times for this milestone, is 0-2 in those starts and is left with the lead in a couple of them, but the bullpen has let the lead slip away.

The Boston Red Sox rely on Tim Wakefield a lot and his 200th win would mean the world to them as much as it does to him. He has played with the Sox since 1995 and has done everything for them and even had 15 saves in 1999.

According to mlb.com, he has 185 wins with the Red Sox and is seven wins away from Cy Young and Roger Clemens, who both have 192 wins, for the most in team history. He will most likely retire once he ties or passes them. His record for the 2011 season is 6-5.

Do you think Wake should pitch in the 2011 Boston Red Sox playoff run?

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