Cubs win?


Yeah, seriously. The Chicago Cubs will win…at least one game…which would be better than what they did the last time they entered the postseason with the best record in the National League. That would be in 2008, when they made history by having all four infielders commit errors in the same game.

This year’s 103-win Cubs will do better than that, I promise. But will they win it all?

Sorry, but you’ll have to wait for that prediction. There’s a process, you know, and it starts with the American League Wild Card Game on Tuesday night in Toronto. We won’t know the World Series champion until at least Oct. 29 (Game 4) or maybe Nov. 2 (Game 7) or even later, given the possibility of bad weather in Chicago, Boston, Cleveland, New York—and Los Angeles.

With that said, I still have to get all my predictions in right now before the postseason starts, and I’ve got a problem. It’s not that it’s any harder to pick a winner this year. It’s always hard, and anyone who claims to know or wants credit later for a correct guess is only trying to fool you.

I don’t know, which is why my predictions normally follow two important principles:

  1. Don’t pick the favorites.
  2. Pick the best storyline.

So here’s my problem: The Cubs and Boston Red Sox are the favorites in the two leagues. A Cubs-Red Sox World Series is by far the best storyline baseball could ask for.

What do I do?

Follow along with these round-by-round picks to find out!

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