USA Today has reported that the 2011 Major League Baseball Season will open on Friday, April 1 .  Apparently, MLB is doing this to avoid the possibility of playing World Series game in November.

For Reds Country, Opening Day is sacred.  People take the day off from work and kids skip school to attend the game.  The Findlay Market Parade is a tradition in Cincinnati that has been enjoyed by generations since 1920.

At first, I cringed at the idea of Opening Day being held on a Friday.  I love tradition and don’t usually adapt well to change, especially when it concerns something like Opening Day.  However, when I began to really think about it, I decided it may not be that bad after all.

We usually drive to Cincinnati the day before Opening Day and spend the night in a hotel.  We get up early for the parade, attend the game and drive home.  If the game we on a Friday, we could come down on Thursday evening, go the parade and game on Friday, and then be free to stay longer if we wanted to.

So, I can’t believe I am saying this…

Opening Day on a Friday?  Let’s do it!

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