The big signings have been completed by White Sox GM Kenny Williams during the Winter Meetings.  Paul Konerko and A.J. Pierzynski are safely in the fold, and Adam Dunn is looking for some Chi-town digs.

Now the wheeling and dealing can begin.

I don’t think Williams is anywhere near finished trying to improve this team.  Right now payroll could be in the $125 million range next year, or even a few dollars more.  I don’t think Williams wants to spend quite that much.

At the same time, the bullpen has several needs following the departures of Bobby Jenks, J.J. Putz and Scott Linebrink.  Late-inning pitching hurt the team in key stretches last season and an overhaul is now in order.

Please excuse Mr. Williams while he puts on his trading hat.

I won’t rule out a free-agent signing for part of that bullpen, but if that’s the case, Williams has got to move some salary.  I’m not saying he’ll be able to pull off a move like unloading Scott Linebrink, but he’s a creative thinker and loves to make deals.

Short of the three guys they just signed, plus Alexei Ramirez, I don’t think anyone is off limits.  Even those guys may not want to get too comfortable.  Williams is all about making the deal that will win a pennant this year.

Who are the leading candidates?

Mark Buehrle and his $14 million price tag could go a long way in the bullpen.  So could Edwin Jackson’s salary.  Could Gavin Floyd fetch a closer?

Carlos Quentin, Mark Teahen, Alex Rios… could Williams take advantage of a big rebound year for the Sox center fielder and turn it into some relief help?

If the right deal came along, would he be willing to part with his middle infielders?  Chris Getz found out last year that Williams would.

There are plenty of phone calls to make, scouts to consult and risks to be calculated. 

The White Sox are all-in, according to Williams.  When it comes to trades, all bets could be off.

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