A few days ago, my friend and I had a debate over the HOF credentials of Fred McGriff.  I said- the guy nearly had 500 Home Runs, that’s gotta get him in.  My friend countered back- almost, but not 500.  

When the argument shifted to Mike Mussina, he stood up for him.  He said how Mussina almost had 300 wins.  I countered- almost, but not 300.  


I bring this up because with Mussina’s retirement two years ago, it’s conceivable that we won’t see another 300-win pitcher in a long, long time. Jamie Moyer, the current wins leader, hasn’t pitched since July 20th, and at 47 (he’ll be 48 next month), it’s tough to believe that he’ll reach the coveted 300 mark.

So who are the guys with the next best shot: 

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