Many moves have been made by MLB teams this winter, but there is still a long way to go before this offseason is over. With many of the top free agents off the market, teams need to start searching for the best bargains.

Robinson Cano and Shin-Soo Choo are gone, but the top pitchers are still available. The pitching market is likely to heat up in the next week or so after Masahiro Tanaka makes his decision. For the small-market teams, there are plenty of options besides the high-priced free agents.

Bargain players can be the missing pieces for any contending team.

A guy like Bronson Arroyo will make around $12 million per season, so it’s tough to consider him a bargain. He is good for 200 innings a year and is a relative bargain compared to the market, but his price is too big for this list.

What exactly makes a player a bargain? A low price certainly helps the cause, but a player can still be a relative bargain in comparison to the rest of the market. Veterans who get overlooked on the market are classic bargain finds. Players recovering from injuries are the best bargains, but they can also be risky signings.

Let’s take a look at which players made the list of the best bargains remaining.


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