Michael Bourn is a prototypical leadoff hitter. If a world-class architect were to create the perfect leadoff man, Bourn would be the finished product.

The Milwaukee Brewers are in desperate need of a true leadoff hitter, and Bourn would be the perfect pick.

In January of this year, Bourn signed a one-year, $6.85 million contract with the Atlanta Braves. After the 2012 season concludes, he will be a hot commodity among free agents.

With Scott Boras as his agent, Bourn will most likely look for a five- or six-year contract. Dealing with Boras is never easy, but Milwaukee has a history with the powerful and greedy Boras—they drafted his son last year.

Besides being a tremendous leadoff hitter, Bourn is an elite center fielder with top-notch speed. He has swiped 37 bags as of August 31.

Bourn would give the Brewers even more speed on the basepaths. With Bourn joining the likes of Ryan Braun, Rickie Weeks and Carlos Gomez, catchers would forever be on their toes.

The 29-year-old is batting .285 with nine home runs and 55 driven in. His 154 base hits rank third in the National League. He is the leadoff hitter the Brewers have been dying for. Plus, he is already comfortable with the National League Central, after having played with the Houston Astros for three-and-a-half years.

Milwaukee’s leadoff hitters in 2011 have been shameful.

The “Rickie Weeks leadoff hitter experiment” has failed miserably, and Corey Hart is best suited for the middle of the order. Norichika Aoki has performed very well in the role, but he only has one more year left on his contract, and I doubt Milwaukee views him as a long-term option.

Milwaukee should open its checkbooks and do whatever it takes to sign Bourn. With Bourn, Braun and Gomez patrolling the outfield, the Brewers would have no trouble tracking down fly balls.

The chances of the speedy Bourn coming to Milwaukee are slim. As insane as it is, the Brewers still believe Weeks can command the leadoff spot and may not want to spend the dollars it’ll take to woo Bourn.

Still, the acquisition of Bourn would make the Brewers instant contenders.

Losing Prince Fielder was a big blow for Milwaukee’s offense, but inserting Bourn would relieve some of that damage.

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