Have you ever wondered where your favorite MLB franchise stands in comparison against all the others?

I’m not talking about how your favorite team is doing this season. In fact, this year has almost nothing to do with this discussion.

I’m referring to things like team historyplayoff appearances, World Series championships and Hall of Fame players—as well as revenue earned and farm systems.

Based on the past, the present and the future, which franchise is the greatest of all time? It’s an incredibly subjective question, but I did my best to make it objective by basing it entirely on numbers.

Obviously, the New York Yankees and their 27 World Series titles take the cake for first place, but the team in second place might surprise you even more than the team in last place. (The team in seventh place is by far the most surprising, though.)

On the following slide, I’ll explain the thought process and the numbers that went into the calculations. Beyond that slide, we’ll work our way from the least successful franchise all the way up to the Bronx Bombers.


Figures on the following slides taken from Baseball-Reference.com, BaseballHall.org, ESPN.com, Forbes.com and Statista.com.

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