Boy, this season is going by fast.

It’s hard to believe that the All-Star game is just one month away. But because it is, and because our last All-Star vote took place in April, Bleacher Report’s MLB Featured Columnists are back with an update.

This is part-one of this week’s poll: the AL results (look for the NL results tomorrow). For each position, I’ve listed the full vote totals, as well as the current real-life leader(s) and a reminder of who we chose last time. And, as always, a “featured writer” has submitted commentary for each winning player.

If some of the participants names seem unfamiliar in this context, that’s because they probably are; a whopping 44 Featured Columnists voted on at least one league’s ballot, making this the biggest FC Poll yet.

Thanks to everyone who participated! May our actions set an example for the idiots who keep voting for Mark Teixeira.

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