Gaby Sanchez did a great Jorge Cantu impression last year, hitting .273 with 72 runs, 19 HRs, 85 RBI and five SBs.

The Marlins have essentially had that line from their first basemen for the past three seasons.

Sanchez did not excel in any particular category, but he was solid enough to be a useful fantasy option. I wouldn’t dare use him as a starting first basemen, but he has use in the corner infield slot.

Don’t expect raw power from Sanchez—that’s just not his strength.

He hit 62 in 1753 at bats (28.3 AB/HR) in the minors. Last year for the Marlins he hit 19 HRs in 572 at bats (30.1 HR/AB). However, with 16 HRs in 318 ABs (19.9 AB/HR) in 2009 for Triple-A New Orleans, there is potential to improve in that category.

What he has done well is hit for average and drive in runs. He hit .314 for Double-A Carolina with 92 RBI in 478 at bats. He followed that up by hitting .289 with 56 RBI in 318 ABs.

Sanchez was particularly effective when there were runners on base. He hit .237 with the bases empty and .310 with runners on. He hit .291 with runners in scoring position, knocking in 64 in 165 at bats.

The splits weren’t all favorable for Sanchez though, as he hit .302 before the All-Star Game and .237 after the break. He had nine HRs with 38 RBI before the break in 315 ABs.

Despite the big difference in average, Sanchez hit 10 HRs with 47 RBI in 257 ABs after the break.

Sanchez has the 17th highest ADP among first basemen according to Mock Draft Central, and 195th overall, which puts him in the 17th round. Not a bad spot for a solid corner infielder and 1B insurance.

I’m not going to make a point to target Sanchez, but I won’t shy away from him when the time is right.

What are your thoughts on Sanchez in 2011?


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