This is a very close debate between to guys who should have big years. The question that will be answered is, who do I take first? Let’s establish that Street’s and Putz’s ADPs are very close to each other. Putz is going around the 145th pick or the 13th round. Street is going around the 151st pick or the 13th round. 

Looking at both these closers, it’s easy to see why they are going so close to each other.  Both have good K/9 rates and both can consistently close. It’s also worth noting that both Street and Putz have their perspective jobs with no other real competition for the role. 

Closer Report 2011 Projections
(from The Closer Report 2011 Draft Kit)

Huston Street: Ranked No. 12 – Projections: 36 saves, 5 wins, 3.01 ERA, 1.04 WHIP, 65 K
Colorado Rockies team SAVE PROJECTIONS: 46

J.J. Putz: Ranked No. 22 – Projections: 30 saves, 2.79 ERA, 1.12 WHIP, 70 K
Arizona Diamondbacks team SAVE PROJECTIONS: 34

Huston Street has a clear advantage over Putz and for several reasons. First, he’s on a team poised for a run at the playoffs and the Rockies should present him with plenty of save opportunities. I project 46 save opportunities for the Rockies, with only 34 from the Diamondbacks. 

Arizona is in a rebuilding year and though they have a strong core of players, they will not win nearly as many games as the Rockies will leaving Putz at a disadvantage in the number of chances he has.

At 27, Street is in his prime. While he has been injury prone at time, he has always been consistent. I expect a better season than he had in 2009, where he saved 35 games. Putz, on the other hand, is 34 years old and while still extremely effective is also injury prone and no longer in his prime. 

When the 12th or 13th round comes around and both these guys are the board, there is no reason why you should consider taking Putz over Street. Granted, Putz will likely strike out more batters and even carry slightly better numbers, but Street is a 40-save candidate and there aren’t many of those out there in 2011. 

J.J. Putz ad Huston Street should eace have great seasons. However, when it comes to fantasy baseball, I want the 27-year-old closer with the winning team over the 34-year-old with the rebuilding team. 

By Todd Farino,
The Closer Report

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