Going to a game at Wrigley Field in Chicago is an experience that every passionate baseball fan should aspire to at least once in their lives. The baseball game itself is in many instances secondary to what’s going on throughout the ballpark.

While the beloved Chicago Cubs haven’t won a World Series championship since 1908, it doesn’t deter fans from making the trek to Wrigley Field and participating in the overall experience.

The Cubs have always done a terrific job in ensuring that its fans receive a great experience as well, and despite their lack of success on the field, Wrigley Field is still of the most unique arenas in all of professional sports in terms of atmosphere.

Oftentimes fans from across the world will plan trips to Wrigley during the summer. It is not uncommon to see travel buses from all areas of the country, loaded with fans looking to take in the Wrigley experience for the very first time.

Many articles have been written about the ivied walls, the rooftop views outside the ballpark, and the unbelievable food available at Wrigley, but unless it is experienced first-hand, it’s hard to get an idea of what the atmosphere is really like.

One particular videographer decided to conduct an interview with one “ardent” fan this past Opening Day at Wrigley, and no doubt he is ruing that decision.

The woman in question was a little bit more than he had bargained for. She obviously spoke about the experience at Wrigley, but she had clearly been “preparing” for her Opening Day experience at Wrigley Field for far longer than was necessary.

Check out this interview, and you will get an idea of exactly what we’re talking about.

By the way, if you’re at Wrigley Field, and you happen to have an extra ticket, you might want to reconsider approaching this particular woman.

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