The Chicago Cubs won the World Series last week. Thus crumbled a championship drought that had lasted for 108 years. That’s a glimmer of hope for other long-suffering MLB franchises if there ever were one.

Now all they need is for some damn fool to project when that glimmer of hope might pay off. I guess that’s me.

Most teams in Major League Baseball haven’t won the World Series in a while. The ones that are going to have their presents and futures sized up by me are the ones that have gone at least three decades without a title. The list begins with the New York Mets, suffering since 1986, and ends with the Cleveland Indians, suffering since 1948.

No promises will be given as to the exact year each team will win the World Series. It’s easy to see where teams are now, but I can only guess how they’re going to come together in the future. So instead, we’ll deal in “As Soon As” and “No Sooner Than” predictions.

Now then, let’s take it away.

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