The 2015 MLB draft continues on Tuesday with seven more rounds. Shortstops were the name of the game on the first day of selections, with players from that key position occupying the first three slots and several more throughout the first two rounds.

Expect to see more variety among offensive players on Day 2. Most prospects selected throughout the rest of the draft are looking at an extended stay in the minor leagues to continue their development, so teams start looking to fill holes in the system with players featuring plenty of upside.

Let’s check out the results from the first round along with a list of picks for Round 3. That’s followed by some predictions for Tuesday’s action. The draft is set to resume at 1 p.m. ET Tuesday and can be viewed on the league’s official site.


Round 1 Results


Round 3 Order

The order for Rounds 4 through 40 is identical and can be found on


Day 2 Predictions

Pitching Rules The Day

Organizations can never have enough pitching depth. Luckily, that’s one area where this class is particularly strong, with numerous projectable arms still on the board heading into Day 2. So the next few rounds should be heavy on starters.

One name to watch for is Duke right-hander Michael Matuella. He was a potential top-10 selection before undergoing Tommy John surgery a few months ago. Aaron Schoonmaker of WRAL doesn’t think the slide impacts his long-term outlook, though:

Some of the other top pitchers left on the board include Riley Ferrell, Justin Hooper, Donny Everett and Justin Hooper. They don’t feature the same polish as those taken on Day 1, but certainly have the tools to eventually crack a rotation with some development time.

All told, expect several runs on pitchers through the second day.


Tools Over Current Ability

How quickly a player is capable of working his way to the major leagues is a critical factor during the first few rounds. It becomes far less of a focus as the draft goes on because there simply aren’t many players outside of relief pitchers who will make an impact in the near future.

Instead, the focus shifts to potential. If everything breaks perfectly over the next four or five years, how good can the prospect become? Few players left on the board can match the upside of Canadian outfielder Demi Orimoloye.

Jeff Bradley of Sports Illustrated provided comments from an American League scout, who gave high praise to the 18-year-old rising star: “It was like watching Bo Jackson again. A rare athlete on a baseball field.”

Another player who can provide nice value at this stage is Florida outfielder Harrison Bader. His approach can be improved, but he flashed an ability to get on base at a high rate (.392 OBP) and showcased some pop (15 HR) this season.

Other hitters with intriguing potential to keep an eye out for include Jalen Miller, Skye Bolt and Trey Cabbage. How their career trajectories will go is very much a mystery, but they are definitely worth a flier at this stage.


Blake Trahan Will Be A Steal

Whatever team drafts Trahan is getting a player capable of filling the shortstop void for a long time. He must be willing to change his approach at the plate to make it happen, however, and that’s going to take a concerted effort in the minors.

The Louisiana-Lafayette product is a terrific fielder with a strong arm. He’s also a good baserunner with high-end speed. He needs to use that quickness to become a contact hitter, attacking the gaps rather than swinging for the fences.

If he develops that way over the next handful of years, he can hit in one of the top two spots in the order, get on base at a high rate and steal a lot of bases. He also plays a fiery style, but told Luke Johnson of The Advocate that doesn’t carry off the field.

“That’s just the competitive nature,” Trahan said. “It’s just that will to win, and it might come out a little cocky at times, but that’s just how I play. Off the field, you’ve got to stay humble.”

Trahan is a good example of what’s available on Day 2: prospects that may have some upside but are going to need some work. He just has a better chance of success than most of those still available thanks to a solid set of tools.


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