Hey sports fans, wanted to let you know that this afternoon, I was lucky enough to sit down for an audio interview with my old buddy Tom Finn, formerly of CBS Sports.

Unfortunately, because it’s audio, I can’t post the interview here at Bleacher Report (My big time apologies), but just want to make everyone aware, and encourage you to check out my site www.aarontorres-sports.com .

It is a major comprehensive report on everything that’s happened so far, including:

Finn sharing INCREDIBLE insight on the biggest difference in the New York Mets from this year to last.

What’s going on in Boston?

Are the NL West leaders (Padres and Giants) for real?

Why Finn thinks that the best might be yet to come for the New York Yankees.

And much, much more.

Folks, if you’re a hardcore or casual baseball fan, or someone who is just getting into the season as the summer is starting, this is an absolute must listen!

Finn and I covered a lot, and I promise you won’t leave disappointed!

So click here or visit www.aarontorres-sports.com , to hear Tom Finn’s thoughts on the MLB season so far!

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