The Fresno Grizzlies have a lot of confidence in their MLB affiliate, the Houston Astros, to win the 2017 World Series.

In fact, they felt so strongly about it, they created an entire promotional campaign around it, including 2017 World Series championship rings to hand out to fans.

This is all part of a Back to the Future-themed promotion, which includes DeLorean-inspired jerseys, complete with a flux capacitor on the front.

But the real story here is the confidence from the Grizzlies in their major league counterpart, as they believe the Astros are building a great foundation of talent that will ultimately compete for the World Series title in 2017. 

However, the Grizzlies later balked on the promotion in fear of jinxing the Astros, per KSEE24 anchor Evan Onstot: 

There’s no word yet as to what the Grizzlies will cook up as a replacement promotion.  


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