The Brewers wrapped up a tumultuous July in losing fashion against the Astros on Sunday.

In a three game series against the mediocre ‘Stros, the Brew Crew scored only two runs and gave up 16 runs. Starting pitching has plagued the Brewers all season, but July might have been the worst month yet.

The Brewers went 12-14 in the month and gave up five or more runs in 16 games, including more than 10 runs in seven games. It’s hard to win ball games when the opposing squad is trotting across home plate that much.

The problem with Milwaukee’s pitching is they only have five pitches with more than 10 starts. And of those five pitchers, only Yovani Gallardo (9-5) and Chris Narveson (8-7) have winning records.

The team’s ERA is ranked 26th in the MLB at 4.96 and the average batting opponents batting average is ranked 27th at .279.

If the team’s starting pitching has been suspect, it’s relief pitching has been just as questionable. The Brewers have found a small pitching bright spot recently in John Axford, who racked up 15 saves and a 6-1 record (zero starts.)

With the passing of the trade deadline, the Brewers aren’t going to get any help this season. Worse yet, the Brewers hitting is reliant on the home run, which is in consistent, and don’t have a starting player batting over .500.

What the Brewers need to do is cut the expensive and under producing players and trade for young prospects and proven veterans. Jeff Suppan is 1-6 this season and is making $12.7 million this season.

The 42-year old Trevor Hoffman has only five saves this season and is making $7.5 million. Chris Capuano won 18 games in 2005, and is 17-25 in the three seasons he played in since.

Even if it is swallowing the remaining contracts, cut them all and make room for talented youth.

The Brewers became prominent again by patiently grooming minor league talent inside their own system. Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun, Corey Hart and Yovani Gallardo were all drafted by the Brewers and brought up through the minors by the team.

If the Brewers don’t want to lose those talented players to free agency and trades in the future, they need to protect their success by fixing their pitching.



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