Yesterday,’s Jon Heyman tweeted that Mets have been ‘asking around about Daniels.’ Even though Jon Daniels is still under contract with the Rangers, the native New Yorker and childhood Mets fan still tops the list of the Mets need for a new GM, along with GM veteran Sandy Alderson.

He is able to opt out of his contract with the Rangers because of the change in ownership of the team, but the question still remains: will he do this?

The buzz has long since been that the Mets aim to hire a new GM after the World Series concludes, but if the Rangers make a run at the postseason crown, the Mets will not be able to interview him for the position until well after the final pitch is thrown. But that still brings us back to the question of whether or not he would actually consider leaving the Texas Rangers to help rebuild the struggling Mets.

Is he really worth the wait, time and effort or not? That’s hard to answer if you aren’t a New York Met insider, but this situation hints to be the same as a college ball player saying he wants to sign with the team that drafts him, but then going ahead to play college ball. It all seems like a waste of time to try and predict the future about whether or not Daniels would consider taking a position in the Mets front office. 

The Mets don’t want to make a rash decision when planning the future of the ball club, but they also don’t want to prolong the process more than it needs to be. There is and has been plenty of time for management to ponder their possible choices, so if they see Jon Daniels as the ultimate answer, is he really worth the wait?

If he is truly their number one choice and the Mets feel they have a pretty good chance at signing him to become GM, then of course they have to wait to see how it plays out, but if he’s just another name on their list and they know he may or may not leave Texas then why would they want to waste their time hanging around for his final verdict.

It looks as though the Mets are attempting to set themselves up to strike gold by creating a Plan A with Jon Daniels, and if plans fall through, their Plan B would be to bring in veteran Sandy Alderson. I see no harm in this, but let’s just hope this happens sooner rather than later, and if Jon Daniels really doesn’t want to leave Texas he tells the Mets this so they don’t hang around waiting on his word.

Overall, I don’t blame the Mets for waiting to hear from Daniels before they make a final decision. They obviously feel like they have a legitimate chance at luring him away from Texas and for that I praise the front office for making significant advances in their search for a new director.

 A few weeks from now, I expect many of these answers to finally be answered, until then, we can only speculate. 

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