Tampa Bay Rays’ Pitcher Matt Garza now joins Edwin Jackson, Dallas Braden, Ubaldo Jimenez, and Roy Halladay as MLB’s pitchers to throw no hitters or perfect games in this amazing 2010 baseball season.

So really, what is it? It’s gotta be something. First off, this is the third time the Rays have been involved in a no hitter (Braden threw a perfect against them and Jackson threw a no hitter against them) three times in one year. The last time that’s happened was 1917. 

And the last time a Tampa Bay Rays pitcher threw a no hitter? Never. Matt Garza is just another piece to the Cinderella story that the Rays have become.

Making a World Series appearance in 2008 is where it all began. 

This year has been nothing more but a crazy ride for Rays fans and followers, being victim of a perfect game and no hitter. They have surpassed the Red Sox due to many injuries in Boston and with each day come a little closer to catching the New York Yankees atop the standings.

What about Garza? He had his highest pitch count of the season tonight with 120 and he faced one of the best hitting teams in baseball, the Detroit Tigers led by Triple Crown contender Miguel Cabrera. He shut them down. Garza walked one batter but still faced the minimum of 27 batters thanks to a beautifully turned double play by Evan Longoria.

Garza is 11-5 this year with an ERA of 4.06 and the most amazing thing about his no hitter is the way he bounced back from a horrible start in his last outing. Against the Baltimore Orioles, he gave up 10 hits, allowed seven earned runs and four home runs. It was a horrific outing against one of baseball’s worst teams and he turned it around by throwing a no hitter against one of baseball’s best teams. In doing so, 101 of his 120 pitches were fastballs.

He throws fast, and changes things around fast. Rays fans have to hope he doesn’t change the things that brought him this stellar performance. MLB’s “Year of the pitcher” continues. 

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