Miami Marlins relief pitcher Chad Qualls‘ showing on Tuesday exemplified the Marlins season perfectly; even when things go well, they still seem to fail spectacularly.

Qualls allowed a triple at the beginning of the eighth inning against the Mets with the score tied 2-2. After he struck out Omar Quintanilla for the final out to keep the score even, Qualls‘ celebratory fist pump went awry as his feet got caught under him, and he did a full face plant into the infield. The reliever tried to play it off as if he were attempting a fist-pump somersault, but it’s clear from the video that he didn’t quite keep his footing.

Another angle of the tumble.

The most embarrassing part of this for him, however, is that this isn’t the first time Qualls has done something like this in a game. Here he is falling on a pickoff attempt while playing for the Phillies.

Some athletes just aren’t as sure on their feet as others, apparently.

Hat tip to Larry Brown Sports for the GIFs

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