Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Manny Ramirez has been talked about being put on waivers that would probably send the veteran to a playoff contending team. He does have a full no trade clause that can prevent him from being on waivers and being traded.

The Dodgers are 8.0 games back of 1st place in the National League West, and the Wild Card is full of other tough teams to beat. The chance of reaching the postseason for the team seems unlikely. 

Ramirez, 38, was injured this year after playing 62 games, hitting .312 but with just 8 home runs. He has been activated from the Disabled List Sunday, allowing him to be traded now by the August 31st waiver deadline. 

He only has $1.1 million left on his contract.

Possible teams that could land Manny include the Chicago White Sox, Tampa Bay Rays, and the Texas Rangers. 

The White Sox could use him as a Designated Hitter, and he could happen to be a bargain because Chicago plays at U.S. Cellular Field, where balls fly everywhere.

The Tampa Bay Rays could use him as an extra power hitter along with Carlos Pena to lead themselves over the already powerful New York Yankees. 

The Texas Rangers always look for another player no matter what. It looks like they are going all-in this season.

The only problem with either of these teams is that they are all American League teams, and all 15 other National League teams would have to let Ramirez slide for a deal to get done.

A player must be on the 25-man roster on August 31st to be eligible for the playoffs.

Therefore, if Manny’s going anywhere, it’s going to happen soon.

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