According to a source monitoring the waiver wire, the Chicago White Sox have been awarded the claim on Manny Ramirez today.

It was reported that no National League team put a claim on Ramirez, but two American League teams did outside of the White Sox. Since the White Sox won the claim, the other two teams must have had better records than the Sox, so one would imagine the Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers were the other two teams to put in a claim.

Now the White Sox have until Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. ET to complete a trade. The Dodgers remain just five games out of the NL wild-card race, so they will most likely not have this as their first priority.

Ramirez’s no-trade clause is the other obstacle, as he has to approve any deal.

The Dodgers can either pull back Ramirez, keeping him and working out a trade with the White Sox, or simply let him go to Chicago via the waiver claim. If the Dodgers worked out a trade, they would most likely have to pay for some of Ramirez’s contract, but if they let Ramirez go via the waiver claim, the White Sox are responsible for the rest of Ramirez’s contract.

White Sox will have to pay $1.1 million to Ramirez this year and about $3.3 million at a later date.

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