All indications are that Omar Minaya will not be running the show next year. So, under hopes that he won’t be, the obvious question then becomes, who should replace him?

Here is the run-down of a potential candidate, Jon Daniels.

Who is he?

Jon Daniels became the youngest GM in baseball history in 2005, when at age 28 he became GM of the Texas Rangers. A graduate of Cornell University, Daniels quickly worked his way up through the Rangers organization. He was hired by then GM, Jon Hart as assistant director of baseball operations. He was then promoted to assistant GM in 2004, and eventually became GM in 2005 upon Hart’s resignation.

What’s His Track Record? Good/Bad Decisions?

In his time in Texas, Daniels has slowly but surely transformed the Rangers from the laughing stock they were to the division champion they will soon become. There were some questionable moves made along the way though.

First, Daniels traded away Alfonso Soriano for Brad Wilkerson. Soriano went on to have a 40-40 season the year after, but this move provided financial flexibility. I also think that Soriano has long been an overrated, pain in the you know what. He’s always been an awful fielder and a free swinger to his own detriment. He’s really worth fractions of what he makes.

Daniels’ most questionable move was trading away Chris Young and Adrian Gonzalez to San Diego for Adam Eaton and Akinori Otsuka. Eaton was injury prone to say the least, and we all know about how good Adrian Gonzalez has turned out to be.

However, all the while, Daniels was improving the farm system and freeing up financial flexibility…

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