Bud Selig recently noted that Major League baseball is considering expanding the playoffs to 10 teams in 2012.

The proposed plan would have two wild cards selected from each league. Those two teams would play each other in a one game playoff or a best of three series with the winner advancing to the divisional series which would continue in the same manner as it does today.

Opinions around the league have been varied. Smaller market teams seem to be in favor of the move. The Minnesota Twins manager Ron Gardenhire has stated he is in favor of expansion as long as it doesn’t expand the overall length of the playoffs. Both the Tampa Bay Rays and Cleveland Indians have voiced their support for the proposed plan.

If the plan were to include a three game series it would likely need to be played Monday through Wednesday the week following the end of the regular season. The division series would need to be pushed back to start on Friday.

There are some opponents to the proposed changes. The Giants’ Tim Lincecum and the Yankees’ Mark Teixeira have both voiced concern over the fairness of the proposed changes. Although I’m trying to read between the lines, it seems the two most recent World Series champions don’t want other teams to be able to steal a championship because of the inflated size of the playoff pool.

Baseball is America’s pastime, but also the toughest schedule. After playing a grueling 162 game schedule only eight teams make the playoffs. If more were to be allowed ,would it increase or decrease the value and prestige of competing in the postseason?

At some point some change will be made to the MLB postseason. But will this be the change? And will it happen by next year?

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