America’s pastime is no longer America’s favorite sport. The NFL has taken over that role thanks to concussion causing hits, high powered offenses and a regular season where Week 1 is just as important as Week 17.  And if the NBA can ever figure out how to run their business, they have enough young superstars and story lines to give Bud Selig and the rest of Major League Baseball a serious run for their money.

Now that the World Series is over, Major League Baseball needs to take action. They need to build on the momentum from the Fall Classic while baseball is still fresh in the fans’ minds.  They need to think big. Drastic changes need to take place for the brand to begin to flourish once again.  The MLB is losing the casual fan while interest in the grand ol’ game is weening and money is being lost. 

Each of the following six changes could stand on its own to improve the game.  They are needed for a multitude of reasons and would help make baseball more enjoyable. 

Some of the changes are predicated on the MLB admitting mistakes while others would be an overall improvement to the game. 

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