The players in Major League Baseball are no doubt their own fraternity that goes beyond what most fans can comprehend, but where does fraternity end and distraction start?

Many players do not spend more than a few years with any given team so changes in teams and bonding with new teammates is a big part of being a professional baseball player. 

Team loyalty has given way to free-agent market exploration for the big contract that will keep a player and his family secure for several years.

Players from the same country, county, city or neighborhood in the US or in Latin America can end up on different teams but the bond will still be there on and off the field.  Baseball is a game and it is supposed to be fun.  The verbal interaction between players at home plate and on the base paths is a part of the game.

Their lifestyle of travelling, training and competition is what bonds them together, no matter what country they are from, and winning the game is the objective, regardless of any language barrier that may occur within a team.  Players are American, Latin and Asian descent so many teams are a melting pot of players and cultures. 

After the season ends, players return to their home countries or states and spend quality time with their family and long lost buddies.  More importantly, time is needed for their bodies and minds to heal from the long stretch of playing baseball that starts with Spring Training in late February..

A big part of the winter months is spent conditioning and training to ensure that they are fully prepared for the next season.

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