The MLB trade deadline is almost exactly three days away, and so far the only acquisition the Dodgers have made is the re-acquisition of veteran infielder Juan Castro on Tuesday. Castro will be making his third tour with the Dodgers, and many analysts see Castro’s addition in many different ways.

Castro may be trade bait, or he may be insurance should the Dodgers move other veterans such as Jamey Carroll, Ronnie Belliard, and/or Garret Anderson.

Even though the Dodgers have been quiet so far, it may be the calm before the Ned Colletti storm. As we have seen in recent years, the Dodgers’ general manager has pulled off headline-leading moves, and there are still some rotation arms to be had.

Cliff Lee and Dan Haren are already off the market, having made their transitions back to the American League.

These slides discuss the whispers going on around the league that are focused on the Dodgers and their potential trade moves, given the remaining talent to be had.

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