Here are the options I am guessing Ted Lilly was faced with. He could test the free agent market, make a little more money but risk not being in an ideal situation.


Lilly decided to sign early.

His other option was to make a little money than he would on the open market but be in a place where he would have the best chance to succeed and be comfortable. On Tuesday, Lilly chose the latter.

Lilly re-signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers on Tuesday and inked a three-year, $33 million contract. The deal also comes with a no-trade clause for the first two years of the contract according to Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times.

The 34-year-old was traded to the Dodgers from the Chicago Cubs at the July 31st trade deadline and really excelled in a Dodger uniform. He had a 3.52 ERA, a 0.99 WHIP and struck out nine batters per nine innings in 76.2 innings of work.

All of his numbers with the Dodgers were vast improvements from when he was with the Cubs. That’s why re-signing with the Dodgers was a smart idea by Lilly.

I have always believed any pitcher can be successful pitching their home games at Dodger Stadium. Over the years we have seen guys on their last legs like Jeff Weaver, Jose Lima, and Vicente Padilla thrive in a Dodger uniform. With the high mound and spacious outfield, Dodger Stadium is a pitcher’s dream.

Pitching at Dodger Stadium and pitching against the offensively challenged NL West, Lilly, who will be 37 at the end of this contract, should outperform his deal. With Clayton Kershaw, Chad Billingsley, and Lilly at the top of the Dodgers’ rotation, LA has the makings of a very formidable starting staff in 2011.

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