Former Philadelphia Phillies stars Lenny Dykstra and Mitch Williams were allegedly involved in an altercation at an autograph signing at a Philadelphia mall, according to Kyle Scott of (h/t Mike Foss of For The Win).

Dykstra and Williams had been teammates on the Phillies team that fell to the Toronto Blue Jays in the 1993 World Series. Both men were in attendance at the signing and pent-up emotions allegedly boiled over into a brief, physical confrontation. posted a video of the tail-end of the confrontation taken by a fan on the scene. 

Warning: Video features NSFW language.

The incident occurred at First and Goal Sports in the Granite Run Mall on Saturday. Fans at the signing said the hostility began when Williams arrived on the scene and rebuffed a greeting from Dykstra.

Dykstra extended his hand to Williams, who slapped it away and muttered, “I’m not shaking your ****ing hand.”

Things were defused, however, when former Phillies catcher Darren Daulton (who was also on hand for the signing) interposed himself between the two and led Williams from the store.

The incident occurred in front of “40 to 50 people,” according to Scott’s report. Children were also present for the less than pleasant scene.

Clearly, some bad blood from the 1993 World Series loss continues to flow between these two men.

Dykstra went on “The Alex Jones Show” in 2011 and trashed Williams, blaming his former teammate for the team’s loss and claiming the defeat “tortured” him to this day.

So yes, there are still issues to be resolved here, if resolution is even a possibility at this point.

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