You would have thought that maybe all the injuries from the Red Sox would finally stop—well, they didn’t.

The new victim to the injury bug is Kevin Youkilis. Youkilis came out of the ball game when he shook his right hand in pain after his first at-bat. Youkilis’ MRI showed that he had torn his adductor muscle in his right thumb.

The Red Sox will decide on Tuesday whether he needs surgery. It was not told how long Youkilis will be out, but if he does have surgery his season might be in doubt.

This season Youkilis was one of the best players on his depleted Red Sox team. He was hitting .307 with 19 home runs and 62 RBIs. He is second on his team in average, (behind Adrian Beltre) and was almost an all star this season coming in second during the all star game vote for the final player.

With Youkilis gone, Mike Lowell was activated. Lowell will most likely play first base for the Red Sox. Before Tuesdays game, Lowell said “with Youkilis out of your lineup, you’re not a better team.”

Hopefully Youkilis will not require surgery and he will heal in a few days if not this will be a very hard blow for the Red Sox and their hopes to make it to the playoffs.

With Jacoby Ellsberry coming back soon there still might be hope for the Red Sox but not much because Youkilis was a great clean up hitter for the Red Sox and he will be missed a lot.

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