It’s official.

The San Francisco Giants are my favorite team in baseball. I root for the White Sox as a rule, but it’s hard not to like the Giants.

Voting a full World Series share to a gravely ill clubhouse employee, Tim Lincecum giving a big fat check to help pay for a comatose Giants fan and now this?

My favorite team, and it’s not even close.

YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill (who lives not far from me, by the way) has made a name for himself as a viral king by lip-syncing to pop tunes. Along the way he’s racked up a number of celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston, 50 Cent and Pauly D from Jersey Shore (he kind of counts as a celebrity).

Now, Brian Wilson and Cody Ross.

What’s cooler than just appearing in his video and giving this brave young man who’s suffering from a rare condition a thrill? Hosting a game against the Marlins on May 25 that will raise money for Keenan to fight his growing medical bills.

Keenan’s condition is called Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome. The disease stunts growth, being the reason why Keenan is 16, but doesn’t look much older than 8. Along with the disease(which affects roughly 1,100 people a year) are the cost of prescription drugs which help to extend life, but can cost upwards of $350, 000 a year. 

Athletes who get the fact that they are blessed with the opportunity to help and then do so? That’s my favorite thing. 

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