Free agent outfield Jeff Francoeur cleared waivers last earlier this off-season and is expected to get a solid look from multiple teams who could be interested in him.

Kansas City Royals general manager Dayton Moore has reportedly been among the GMs who have expressed interest in the former 2002 first-round pick.

Moore also has a past with Francoeur, as they both came from the Braves organization where Francoeur got his start in the big leagues in 2005 and where Moore used to be a scout and the assistant general manager.

Moore also has a history of overpaying free agents who have a lot of talent but have not lived up to their potential in their time in the majors.

The recent trade of veteran David DeJesus also seems to have opened up the door for a potential Francoeur signing as there seems to be a vacancy on the right side of the Royals’ outfield.

Taking a look at Francoeur’s stats from ’10, he hit .249 with 13 homers and drove in 65 runs runs in a combined 139 games with the Mets and the Rangers.

A further analysis of his stats indicates that he didn’t draw many walks or get on base that much, as he only drew 30 walks in 503 plate appearances and had a remarkably low on-base percentage of .300.

If you compare these numbers to his career numbers, you are looking at a guy with a lifetime average of .268 and a lifetime on-base percentage of .310 to go along with an average of about 17 homers and 78 RBIs a season.

This kind of offensive production would be a major upgrade over anyone else that the Royals currently have on their roster to play this position.

However, these numbers might be somewhat inflated depending on how you look at it, as many believe that Francoeur has his best years behind him already.

“Frenchy,” as many call him, is an above-average outfielder with a .984 career fielding percentage and a Gold Glove for his defensive efforts during the ’07 season.

But is the risk of offering him a solid contract worth the return that you will get from his play?

I would say that it is, considering the Royals’ team needs at this time. They desperately need a new right fielder, which Francoeur could come in and provide from day one.

What is yet to be seen is if Dayton Moore agrees with this assumption as well. Stay tuned.

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