Jerry Seinfeld is a huge baseball fan, but an even bigger New York Mets fan. I can’t say the same for David Letterman, though. 

Seinfeld stopped by Letterman’s show recently and dished on his pets, one of which is a dog named Jose. Without any prodding, Seinfeld offered why the pooch’s name is Jose. 

It seems that Seinfeld and his wife can’t bear to see the less-than-amazing Mets lose Jose Reyes. So they guaranteed at least a Jose will stay in the family by naming the dog after him. 

Now that’s a fan. 

There is so much more that I wanted to know, but Letterman let the bomb Seinfeld drop to just waft over his head. You live in New york, ask the man if his dog is prone to injury. Does his dog have to go on the shelf every 15 days or so?

These are all important questions that Letterman fails to swing at, and so the interview misses. For Reyes, he is currently a hot commodity on the free agent market. The New York Daily News reports the Miami Marlins are hot to trot for his services. 

They also state the Mets are still in the race to keep the star shortstop they groomed. There is just one thing that we know for sure, though: Reyes is about to get paid. 

I encourage everyone in the New York area to name their dogs Jose. If you are partial to “Reyes” or “Disabled List,” those would work fine as well. 

Now we need to find out if Reyes is even a fan of dogs. 

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