When it comes to baseball, people have so many opinions on Jose Canseco that the debate can go on for hours. One thing we cannot dispute is his love for game, as evidenced by what has just transpired. 

Jose Canseco, baseball’s first 40-40 man, was named player/coach for the Yuma Scorpions of the North American Baseball League. 

Acting as manager doesn’t mean he will miss out on the action on the field.   

Canseco will lace on the cleats, playing first base and DH. According to the NAL, he will become the first full-time player/manager since Pete Rose, who handled the reins for the Cincinnati Reds from 1984 to 1986.

In this ultra competitive industry, the decision of Golden Baseball League, Northern League and United League Baseball to form the NAL really shows the innovative ideas that the figure heads of this organization are coming up with. 

With three of the primary indie leagues forming this “super league,” who wouldn’t be interested in the concept? Not just from a fan’s perspective, but from a business point of view. Saying this, we all know what type of player Canseco is/was. We know his abilities, and we all know the damage he can do with a baseball bat. On the flip side, we know the personality and fanfare that Canseco can bring with him. 

Baseball is entertainment, and in the lesser-known leagues throughout minor league baseball, management is always looking for new and innovative ways to rejuvenate a city and increase the popularity of the game while at the same time staying competitive at affordable prices. 

What better way to build up the abilities of the team’s roster by having someone who has played the game at an elite level and knows the game inside and out?

The signing of Jose Canseco—along with his brother Ozzie, who will lend his knowledge as hitting/bench coach while suiting up on the field—is more than a promotional ploy. This has a shot to elevate the spirits of a city that has been hit hard by the economic difficulties faced by many. 

I spoke with Kevin Outcalt, Chief Executive Officer of the NAL, who said the signing has less to do with baseball and more to do with benefiting the community. 

“It’s a tough economy in Yuma, even more so than most the country as the Imperial Valley leads the nation in unemployment rate. And although this seems that it may be a bit risky for the Scorpions, it should be very entertaining for the team and the fans,” Outcalt said.

“In addition, he does have tremendous baseball knowledge and skills and went through extensive interviews in which he demonstrated that he is sincere and serious about this opportunity.

“He also played and was the bench coach for the Laredo Broncos last year under general manager Jose Melendez, who is the new GM in Yuma and gave very positive reports on his experience with Jose in Texas last season,” Outcalt continued. “I think that he should not be judged on anything but his actions in Yuma and look forward to him bringing entertainment and a successful team to Yuma.”

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